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Drug Companies Pay Doctors To Promote Drugs

December 23rd, 2010 · No Comments

Are doctors just “legal” drug pushers? You sure might think so. According to a new database created by ProPublica, seven drug companies paid $282 million to more than 17,000 doctors during 2009-2010.

The drug companies included in the database are:

1- AstraZeneca
2- Cephalon
3- GlaxoSmithKline
4- Johnson&Johnson
5- Merck
6- Pfizer
7- Eli Lilly

This is just a small portion of the whole drug industry.

Pharmaceutical sales are now over $300 Billion a year!

In California, about 3,000 doctors received an estimated $28.6 million in payments from pharmaceutical companies for speeches promoting brand-label drugs to fellow doctors, the report said.

The ProPublica investigation found that more than a dozen of Stanford University doctors were paid speakers in apparent violation of the school policy.

Violators include Alan Yeung, Stanford’s chief of cardiovascular medicine, who was paid $53,000 from Eli Lilly & Co.

Child psychiatrist Hans Steiner was paid $109,000 by Eli Lilly to deliver talks about Strattera, a drug for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

More info:

Did you know that only the USA and New Zealand allows drug ads on TV. I hope everyone wakes up and realizes that they are being conned into believing that they need a drug for just about every ailment there is.

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