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Chantix and Depression and Suicide

November 6th, 2011 · No Comments

In recent research, Chantix (varenicline), the smoking cessation drug showed a substantially increased risk of reported depression or suicidal behavior compared to other smoking-cessation treatments.

The researchers found that 90 percent of all reported suicides related to smoking- cessation drugs since 1998 implicated Chantix! It was eight times more likely to result in a reported case of suicidal behavior or depression than nicotine replacement products.

The researchers also stated that “Chantix has been associated with aggression and violence in three studies and carries a warning about this behavior. Its effects on vision, cognition and motor control and other risks have led to its being banned for airline pilots, air traffic controllers, military pilots and missile crews, and restricted for truck drivers.”

Why would anyone in their right mind ever try this drug? The risks simply outweigh the benefits.

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