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Psychiatrists Giving Too Many Prescription Drugs

December 3rd, 2011 · No Comments

Psychiatrist Hyla Cass says most psychiatrists simply label patients mentally ill based solely on symptoms and put them on dangerous and addictive drugs, instead of doing complete physical examinations to find and treat underlying medical conditions which can manifest as psychiatric symptoms.

There are numerous non-harmful medical solutions that patients are not being offered. She also discusses the severe withdrawal effects of psychiatric drugs and what patients need to know about safely getting off of these drugs under a doctor’s supervision.

Watch the short video:

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Side Effects of Psychiatric Drugs

December 2nd, 2011 · No Comments

This report from CCHR is an overview of the side effects of common psychiatric drugs and includes information on drug regulatory agency warnings, studies and other reports that may not appear in the packaging information for the drugs. For further information consult the Physicians’ Desk Reference which can be found at

It could be dangerous to immediately cease taking psychiatric drugs because of potential significant withdrawal side effects. No one should stop taking any psychiatric drug without the advice and assistance of a competent, medical doctor. CCHR does not offer medical advice or referrals. The information in this publication is offered as a public service. Some of the brand names of drugs included relate to countries outside of the United States.

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