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Here is one addiction treatment resource that may be helpful in solving your health condition.

Drug Addiction and Alcoholism can be devastating for the individual and family alike. Not only does the Addicted individual suffer, but the direct family will have their lives turned upside down, becoming drained emotionally and physically, and usually, the problem accompanies serious financial loss. For many years Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs have primarily been focused on a 12 Step method. In fact, 97% of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Programs surveyed include the twelve-step process.

Recently, alternative treatments for drug and alcohol abuse and emotional Issues have emerged. This new generation of treatment programs differ in comparison to traditional methods because they strive to get to the root of the psychological issues. By uncovering the psychological issues that lead the individual down the path to addiction or other destructive behaviors, the Drug and Alcohol Therapists are able to better treat the client.

Alternative Treatment International (ATI), a company located in Clearwater, Florida has implemented this innovative and successful Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program. Part of ATI’s therapeutic results stem from the therapist helping the client come to his/her own conclusion on how he/she will deal with and overcome destructive behaviors. The benefits of ATI’s treatment are strengthened, and clients respond positively, when this form of treatment is combined with a holistic approach and traditional medicine.

Alternative Treatment International has branded its specific addiction treatment program as “Perception Therapy” and states that this form of treatment has a high success rate of helping its clients break the cycle of Addictive Behavior. In addition, ATI claims their client relapse rate is less than 20%, well below the industry norm. Perception Therapy techniques are designed to assist the client, in an indirect and metaphorical way, to form their own conclusions. The learned perceptions may stem from parents, teachers, etc., from early childhood traumas or experiences, or adolescence, young adulthood situations, abuse and more. Their learned perceptions, which may only be perceptions of truth, not actual truth, may have been a key factor in producing the destructive behaviors and other psycho-emotional disorders from which they suffer, including addictions, depression, anxiety and other disorders, says Dr. Meyers, a principal partner in ATI.

Basically, the therapeutic techniques are designed to allow the client to uncover the negative perceptions that were taught, change their thinking about them, and in turn change their negative behaviors. “Thinking produces behavior and when thinking changes, behaviors will change by themselves”. The same techniques apparently work for other negative behaviors such as eating disorders and depression, which may coincide with addictive thinking and destructive behaviors. With this proven path of recovery, therapists and medical staff members have a significantly greater opportunity to help their clients to achieve more positive and productive thinking patterns and make better choices. Utilizing these therapeutic techniques, the client comes to their own conclusion about their sobriety and recovery, which in essence is the truth, because it is their truth, adds Dr. Meyers.

Alternative Treatment International, the developer of Perception Therapy, is a private residential Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment Center. ATI offers a comfortable and safe environment for those seeking healing and Recovery from Addictions and psycho-emotional problems. ATI’s Web site is a source for more information at

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