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Cocaine Addiction and the Brain

September 25th, 2009 · No Comments

Approximately 2 million Americans currently use cocaine because of the temporary euphoria effect it provides. Unfortunately this has contributed to making it one of the most dangerous and addictive drugs in the country. Cocaine addiction is known to cause severe biological and behavioral problems that may or may NOT be changed!

Researchers at the University of Missouri in the Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering are utilizing computational models to study how the brain’s chemicals and the connections between neurons react to cocaine addiction. The findings could have an effect on future drug treatment.

Cocaine addicts get such a strong connection in the brain from the decision-making center to the pleasure center that it simply makes the addict keep seeking the use of cocaine.

The synaptic connections (nerve connection between cells) is determined by glutamate, which is the major chemical released between the connections. The right amount determines the activity of those same connections. So in the computational model, the University of Missouri researchers have found that with an addict’s brain, excessive glutamate produced in the pleasure center makes the brain’s mechanisms unable to regulate themselves. This creates permanent damage, which makes cocaine addiction a disease that becomes more than just a change in behavior.

Cocaine abuse can quickly turn into crisis proportions. Although this street drug dramatically disrupts the neurotransmitter known as dopamine, it is noted in the book, “End Your Addiction Now”, by Dr. Charles Gant, that large doses of tyrosine can quickly (sometimes within hours) start to restore the nutrients that are necessary to correct the disruption. There is valuable information in this book that can help cocaine abusers as well as other types of addictions.

Go to the following website for more info: Dr C.E. Gant

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