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Crystal Darkness TV Show

March 24th, 2008 · No Comments

Crystal Darkness is a 30-minute television documentary telling the frightening truth about Meth’s devastating attack on our youth and their families.

The program is targeted for youth and their parents, but the message extends with conviction to an entire community and throughout our nation. If you are not yet aware of the seriousness of the Meth problem in your neighborhood, then the images and stories shared in this program will prove to be both shocking and scary.

Since the original TV program was broadcast in 2007, there is now a campaign across the country to show it on local stations. In 2007 it was shown in Reno, Las Vegas, San Diego and Oregon. In 2008, it is scheduled for March 26th in Sacramento, April 10 in El Paso and New Mexico, and April 15th in Arizona.

In several communities the documentary aired in a “roadblock”, which meant it was broadcast simultaneously on almost all stations in the area. This gives the show tremendous viewership with an impact over a large area. It has been very effective.

The Crystal Darkness Campaign is a unique collaboration between the local media, schools, law enforcement, recovery specialists and the business community. Each version of the show is customized for the local area to give it even more of an impact.

According to the US government’s Drug Enforcement Administration a growing amount of the Meth provided to the region is manufactured in major production facilities in Mexico as well as through secret laboratories in the Central Valley of California.

It is also produced locally in extremely hazardous Meth labs. In these “cook houses”, the drug is made through a chemical process which can use a variety of highly toxic substances including lithium from batteries, sulfuric acid from drain cleaners, camping fuel, paint thinner and starter fluid!

The result is methamphetamine or Meth known by a variety of street drug names including crank, crystal, ice, chalk and quartz.

Meth can taken several ways including snorting, smoked, needles or pills.

It creates a sharp increase in the brain neurotransmitter – dopamine – which creates the sensation of pleasure.

Over time, Meth begins to destroy the brain’s pleasure receptors, rapidly reducing the effect of the drug. As these receptors shut down it becomes difficult for the Meth user to enjoy pleasure at all.

The result is depression, despair and a continual need to get high over and over again. At this point many Meth addicts report needing large doses of the drug just to feel “normal.”

Addicts will do anything to get their next “fix” including robbery and assault.

For more information and to purchase a DVD of the show:

The original 2007 show was available on YouTube but may not be now.

For more information about overcoming your drug addiction including Meth, see this page:

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