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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Provides Holistic Addiction Recovery Options to a Variety of Addicts

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by: Jerry Goldfarb

Addiction is something regularly discussed in the news, and lately has been no exception. From Representative Kennedys addiction, to Hillary Swank discussing addiction as a reason for her divorce from actor Chad Lowe, drug and alcohol addiction has become almost a daily fixture in the media. Giordano and Goldfarbs Holistic Addiction Treatment Center  hopes to provide assistance to individuals suffering from addictions such as those, using their 17 years of experience in holistic addiction rehabilitation.

The Holistic Addiction Treatment Center offers a combination of treatment options, focusing on each clients physiological, emotional, and spiritual healing. While the center focuses on drug and alcohol addiction, other addiction disorders, such as gambling, are also addressed in the centers unique approach.The holistic treatment program is built around the 12 step recovery program, allowing the center to treat each individual as a whole, while being tailored to the patients specific needs. The center focuses on a series of phases for overcoming addiction, including a psychological evaluation and treatment on- or off-site, re-entering the workforce, aftercare, and holistic counseling with a focus on nutrition and fitness.

Holistic addition treatments can contain a combination of rehabilitation tactics, ranging from individual and group therapy, family therapy, lectures, a focus on nutrition and fitness, meditation, bio-feedback, acupuncture, and support groups.

The Holistic Addiction Treatment Center provides holistic services on an inpatient or outpatient basis, attacking the problem of addiction in a complete manner that focuses on each clients mind, body, and soul. The center helps people from all over the United States to overcome their addictions. The centers staff has over 17 years of experience in holistic treatment options, and they focus not only on the addictions themselves, but on the underlying issues such as dual diagnosis, chronic relapse, bi polar disorder, depression, and anxiety. For more information please visit ,  or contact Jerry Goldfarb at 800-559-9503 or via email.

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