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Drug Use – Drug Abuse – Drug Addiction

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3 Levels of Drug Use

Generally, you can think about 3 levels of drug use.

1 – Drug User – this is someone who occasionally uses drugs or alcohol but is not “hooked” on a substance.

2 – Drug Abuser – this is someone who frequently uses drugs, usually to the detriment of them self and those around them. This can include prescription drugs as well as street drugs.

3 – Drug Addict – this is someone who is compulsive about using drugs and using it is the most important thing in their life. It comes ahead of family, friends and work.

Almost all drugs overstimulate the pleasure center of the brain, flooding it with the neurotransmitter dopamine. This produces euphoria and the user wants that feeling back again and again. Unfortunately, with repeated use of a drug, the brain becomes accustomed to the dopamine surges by producing less of it, so the user has to take more and more of the drug to feel the same pleasure (this is known as building up tolerance).

Most people use drugs to cope with the difficulties of life. They’re trying to self-medicate their loneliness, low self-esteem, poor relationships, stress, and many other similar problems.

Signs of drug abuse and drug addiction

Drug abusers often try to downplay their drug use and conceal their symptoms. But if you suspect that a loved one is abusing drugs, here are some warning signs you can look for:

– Angry outbursts, fighting, mood swings, irritability, or overall attitude change

– Talking incoherently, paranoia

– Risky behavior, such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

– Secretive behavior: frequent trips to the restroom, etc.

– Deterioration of physical appearance

– Wearing sunglasses and long-sleeved shirts frequently

– Poor performance at school and work

– Money problems

– Neglecting family

– Spending less time at usual activities such as sports or hobbies

– Hanging out with known drug users

– Withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, tremors

Drug abuse won’t solve any of your problems, and it can easily make them worse or create new ones. Learn how to solve your drug problems by reviewing the information on this site and our product: Alternative Addiction Center

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