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Integrated Health Centers are the Future of Medicine

February 18th, 2008 · No Comments

National Integrated Health Associates is the type of health center that should be located throughout the country. Doesn’t it make sense that you would want to have as many resources available as possible to help solve your health condition?

NIHA is an integrative medical and dental practice located in Washington, D.C.  Integrative doctors are traditionally trained with additional education in complementary and alternative medicine,  therapies, nutrition, and toxicity. The professional health team is comprised of M.D.’s, Dentists, Naturopathic Physicians, and other health care practitioners. By merging conventional and complementary/alternative medicine (CAM), you have the best chance of healing the body.

Integrative medicine looks at the patient holistically and tries to find the root cause of your body imbalance or illness and not just look at the symptoms.
NIHA  treats addiction, AD/HD and numerous other conditions.

Some of the therapies available include:

– Acupuncture
– Aromatherapy
– Bio-Indentical Hormone Therapy
– Colon Hydrotherapy
– Cranio-Sacral Therapy
– Detoxification
– Energy Balancing
– Erchonia Laser Therapy
– Hyperbaric Oxygen
– Infra-Red Sauna
– IV Therapy
– Laser Therapy
– Lymphatic Drainage
– Massage Therapies
– Orthomolecular Therapy
– Prolotherapy
– Reflexology
– Reiki

Many of these therapies may be foreign to you but they can be very effective in healing the body depending on your health condition. Research holistic therapies available in your area to further educate yourself about improving your health.

More information is available about NIHA: Holistic and Integrative Medicine

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