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Mass Killings and Psychotropic Drugs

January 5th, 2013 · No Comments

Here are excerpts from an article by alternative drug addiction specialist Dr C.E. Gant recently published by the American Thinker.

The practice of psychiatry has become in many cases nothing more than a license to distribute powerfully addictive, brain-damaging drugs to our children.

And where illegal drugs such as cocaine and “speed” are often cited for their negative effects, in fact, among the drugs that are often prescribed for ADHD, Ritalin is chemically similar to cocaine and Adderall is a mix of four powerful amphetamines. We’re addicting more than ten percent of our children — overwhelmingly boys — to these drugs!

In every single gun massacre over the past several decades for which we have reliable information about drug use, the shooter has been taking psychotropic drugs prescribed by a physician. It may be the case that if those shooters who have committed such recent atrocities as that in Newtown had not had access to psychotropic drugs, the shootings would not have occurred. That they are occurring more frequently and are escalating in brutality — if that is possible — is due to the fact, not that we are legal gun owners, but that we are legal drug users.

How can we talk about protecting our kids from gun violence if we don’t at the same time protect their brains from iatrogenic drug violence, the real cause of such behavior? In fact, children who refrain from the use of drugs and alcohol — and this includes prescription psychotropic drugs as well as illegal drugs — are much less likely to commit violent crimes as adults than children who have used such substances.

The area in which we need much more restrictive laws is not gun control; rather, we need tighter and more restrictive controls against allowing psychotropic chemicals to get into the brains of children 21 years of age and younger, during which time their brains are developing and very vulnerable. The war against drugs needs to begin with eliminating prescription psychotropic drug availability to and use by our children.

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