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Michael Jackson Dies From Prescription Drugs

June 27th, 2009 · No Comments

The evidence is piling up that Michael Jackson died of prescription drugs. (Do you think he looks healthy in this photo? NO! I am sure drugs were taking their toll.)

Deepak Chopra said on CNN that he had been concerned since 2005 that Michael Jackson was abusing prescription painkillers and most recently spoke to the pop star about suspected drug use six months ago.

Chopra said Jackson, a longtime friend, asked him for painkillers in 2005 when the pop star was staying with him following his trial on sex abuse allegations.

Chopra stated that he believed Jackson was addicted to Oxycontin and Demerol (Demerol was injected) The narcotic drugs were used for pain control.

Demerol carries a long list of warnings to users. The government warns that mixing it with certain other drugs can lead to reactions including slowed or stopped breathing, shock and cardiac arrest.

Chopra said he refused but added the nanny of Jackson’s children repeatedly contacted him with concerns about Jackson’s drug use over the next four years.

He said she told him a number of doctors would visit Jackson’s homes in Santa Barbara County, Los Angeles, Miami and New York.

It sounds like he was doctor shopping to me!

It was Jackson who insisted that Dr. Conrad Murray be put on the tour payroll. He is a financially troubled cardiologist who was with the Jackson when he collapsed Thursday. Was the doctor responsible? I am sure we will find out more in the next few weeks.

Unfortunately, this looks like a similar case to Elvis Presley. Lisa Presley also admitted on CNN that Michael Jackson revealed to her when they were married that he was afraid that he would end up like Elvis – so it looks like that’s what happened!

When is the medical community going to realize that these prescription drugs are very dangerous and have long term negative consequences?

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