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Peer Pressure Hook

September 30th, 2008 · No Comments

Peer pressure, including the media, is one of the main reasons many people smoke.

Before World War I, tobacco was smoked mainly in the form of cigars and primarily by the wealthy. Cigarettes, which were basically leftovers of the cigar making process, were used by the less fortunate.

The number of people who smoked cigarettes boomed when tobacco companies started to mass-produce them. Their clientele: soldiers of World War I. This marketing broadened of course after the war.

In my research, I discovered ads from JAMA – The Journal of the American Medical Association that promoted various brands. One ad pictured a military doctor promoting Camels. Wow! Not only are you being patriotic by using them but a doctor is promoting the brand. I am sure this ad influenced many to smoke, especially military men and women. If your peer was a soldier next to you that was smoking, don’t you think that would have a powerful influence on you?

Another JAMA ad I discovered was telling you how much more “pleasure” you will get with the Chesterfield brand. An ad will state anything favorable to entice you to take it up.

It is my understanding that the AMA did not take a position against smoking until the 1980s even though there was plenty of evidence that it was dangerous to your health and could cause cancer among other diseases. Do you think money influenced this attitude?

Smoking has been very prevalent in the movies and especially in the 1950s and 1960s, on television. Even the actors were advertising various brands in commercials during a TV show. They made it seem classy and romantic.

Some of you may recall the “Marlboro Man” (rugged-looking cowboy). There were actually several men who modeled for print and TV ads. At least two of them have died of lung cancer from smoking.

For years the tobacco companies lied to us about the dangers of nicotine and smoking. Fortunately, we have come a long way and have more knowledge about the health hazards so more and more restrictions were placed on cigarette advertising.

If you are surrounded by family and friends who smoke, you can soon develop the habit. An environment permissive and indifferent towards cigarettes will produce significant numbers of smokers. You will not want to be left out and you will want to appear “cool” and part of the group, so peer pressure can have a significant effect on you.

If you have been smoking for quite a while, you may not realize it but you form some emotional attachment to cigarettes. You will find them calming and comforting during stressful times. It somehow becomes an extension of your social life and the peer pressure continues. Giving up smoking would seem like giving up a trusted friend. It makes it more difficult to quit smoking

One solution is to seek out activities to develop new friendships. Look for them in the work place, sports leagues, hobby groups and church. It is essential that you find people who live a clean life (free of the addiction that you are overcoming). . . and still can enjoy life!

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