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Recovery Assistants Foundation Offers Hope

November 14th, 2008 · No Comments

Recovery Assistants Foundation is a charitable organization that offers hope for recovery for those struggling with mental health conditions such as ADD, ADHD, depression, addictions, bi-polar, anxiety disorders and the results of childhood abuse.

The Foundation provides support services and programs designed to treat the whole person, by addressing their needs in the areas of mental, physical, nutritional and spiritual wellness –a holistic approach to healing.

Healthy Minds For a Healthy Community – Impact on Lives

* Individuals are given the emotional, mental and financial support they need to balance brain chemistry.

* By receiving a clear diagnosis, behaviors improve and stigmas are replaced with knowledge.

* Clients learn to function in their lives – becoming more productive at work, home care, in dealing with debt/financial issues, and participation in life.

* Communication skills are improved allowing marriages and families to unite and relationships to heal.

* Children show positive change in behavior – self esteem and communication increases, grades improve, violence decreases, friendships and other relationships get better.

* Parents are prepared with resources to care for their child and empowered with knowledge of their child’s physical and emotional needs.

* Skills are learned to heal from abuse and develop boundaries.

* Leaders maintain integrity and passion for what they are called to do – gaining confidence to teach, disciple and lead with health and wholeness.

* Individuals have the resources to stay clean and sober from addictions.

* Goals that clients have set are achieved in every area of life from education and employment to spiritual walk and character development.

* Through counseling, support groups and other resources, clients become healthy and create positive change in their community.

Individuals and families are assisted through a network of licensed therapists, counselors, doctors and specialists.

A comprehensive coaching program enhances positive results by providing assessment and accountability of the whole person.

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