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Amy Winehouse and Rehab Relapses

August 1st, 2011 · No Comments

Isn’t it interesting that the Amy Winehouse lyrics for her hit song “Rehab” start out with these words: They tried to make me go to rehab, I said, “no, no no”.

Of course she did not want to go back since the rehab centers are a complete failure – they are just drug recycling centers.

It is rumored that she may have died from alcohol poisoning or withdrawal. In cases of severe alcoholism, withdrawal can be life-threatening. You could experience the DTs (delirium tremens) and should be under the care of a professional addiction treatment facility.

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Alcohol Tobacco and Drug Addiction Solutions

March 29th, 2010 · No Comments

Integrative Medicine methods can prove to be a powerful healing force to people in recovery from addictions to Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs.

Integrative medicine has advanced recently but very few of the powerful and healing integrative medicine methods have been made available to those in recovery from drug and alcohol addictions.

Recovery of the whole person – mind, body and spirit is crucial to recovery. This also describes precisely the Integrative Medicine approach to any physical or mental disorder provided by NIHA (National Integrated Health Associates) .

Addictions may be the cause of 90% of prison incarcerations, 50% of psychiatric admissions and 25% of admissions to general medical hospitals, as well as a major factor in the incidence of suicides, murders, vehicular homicides, spouse battering, divorce and other kinds of social and occupational upheaval. When a loved one is suffering from an addiction, the stress of that relationship (codependency) can be at the root of any medical or psychiatric disorder, and this cause of illness is often overlooked by both conventional and non-conventional health care providers.

Generally speaking, when a recovering person or their loved one looks for help, they will find assistance for a recovery of mind and spirit – but not the body. You may even find “energy” treatments like acupuncture, but few resources are available to assist you in the natural regeneration of neurotransmitters like serotonin, or to assist in detoxifying your body from the residual poisons left over from the use of drugs and alcohol.

NIHA offers this missing link in recovery- a recovery of the body. For instance, they offer amino acid precursor therapies to help restore the imbalanced neurotransmitters that may have caused substance abuse in the first place. These amino acid and nutritional therapies can be delivered through nutritional supplements, intravenously and trans-dermally (through the skin).

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Medical Intuitive Healings For Addictions

December 21st, 2009 · No Comments

Today I am introducing a concept that you may not have heard of – medical intuitive healings for addictions.

If you’ve been discouraged and defeated by past programs and are still stuck in the confines of self-abusive behavior and/or thoughts, the Lenair Self(s) Heal Experience can set you free from needing and wanting to self-sabotage. Where many traditional and alternative approaches fall short or fail, the Self(s) Heal Experience succeeds, allowing you to overcome life-long or newly acquired habits and problems – effortlessly, painlessly, and without withdrawals, meetings, rehabs – non-medically without any treatment, therapy or drugs.

Why struggle and suffer any longer?

Watch the video below (on the next page) to hear of the successes.

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Patrick Swayze Addictions

September 15th, 2009 · No Comments

By now, the world has read the sad news about Patrick Swayze’s death as a result of pancreatic cancer. Perhaps what people didn’t know about him is that he had struggled over the years with addiction to alcohol and cigarettes.

Over the course of the years, Patrick had a three-pack-a-day cigarette habit in addition to his alcohol addiction that grew worse after his adored father died in 1982 from a heart attack.

During his illness, he even said in his own words that he is a ‘miracle man’ who is fighting a winning battle against pancreatic cancer. But that still didn’t stop him from puffing on cigarettes between breaks from shooting his latest TV show.

In one interview I saw with Barbara Walters, he was sounding like a “tough guy” and that he was going to beat this cancer disease. But then he admitted that he was still smoking!

In another interview he actually admitted that smoking had something to do with his pancreatic cancer.

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End Your Addiction Now

September 1st, 2009 · No Comments

Dr. Charles Gant’s new book has just been released. I have read it and it is excellent.

Order now at Amazon:
End Your Addiction Now: A Proven Nutritional Supplement Program That Can Set You Free

Here is the write up from the publisher about the book:

Whether it is to alcohol, drugs, smoking, or food, addiction is an overwhelming and destructive force that negatively impacts the lives of those in its grip. While there are programs galore that promise an end to these dependencies, the truth is, far too many “reformed” addicts fall right back into their old habits.


Because powerful biochemical factors override the psychological will to quit. End Your Addiction Now is a unique book that not only explores the real cause of this recurring problem, but also offers a proven biochemical approach that can break addiction once and for all.

Written in easy-to-understand language, End Your Addiction Now is based upon the extensive research and medical practice of Dr. Charles Gant and other pioneers in the field of orthomolecular medicine. It both guides readers to physicians and facilities that support a biochemical approach to the treatment of substance-use disorders, and provides step-by-step directions for those who want to quit their addictions on their own.

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Sugar Addicts 7 Step Solution

May 31st, 2009 · No Comments

Kathleen DesMaisons, PhD, was one of the speakers at the “Brain Repair” conference I attended last month. She is author of “Potatoes Not Prozac“, “The Sugar Addict’s Total Recovery Program” and others. She is the first person to receive a doctorate in addictive nutrition and has more than 30 years experience working in public health and nutrition.

Many people who suffer from sugar sensitivity don’t even know it and they continue to consume large quantities of sweets, breads, pasta, or alcohol. She says her research shows indulging in sugar highs should be treated much more seriously like heroin or alcohol dependency because sugar causes damage in various neurotransmitters just like those drugs and can eventually wreak your health and relationships.

Below are Dr. DesMaison’s seven steps that will free you from the Jekyll and Hyde Syndrome of sugar addiction.

7 Step Solution for Sugar Addiction

1. Eat breakfast with protein
2. Journal what you eat and how you feel
3. Eat three meals a day with protein (no more than 5 hours between meals)
4. Take the recommended vitamins and have a potato before bed
5. Shift from white foods to brown foods
6. Reduce or eliminate sugars
7. Create a new life

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Alcohol, Drugs and Holidays

December 19th, 2008 · No Comments

Daniel Amen, MD is a physician, psychiatrist, author and a pioneer in brain imaging.

In his recent newsletter, he states that January is the busiest month in mental health treatment nationwide. For many, the holidays bring a lot of unpleasant memories, unrealized expectations and stress. It is easy to get into the comfort zone of overeating, isolating and abusing alcohol and drugs.

Unfortunately, the temporary relief provided by indulging wears off fast and leaves you feeling worse. And, the damage you do to your brain sets the stage for repeated failure.

As to brain scans, Dr Amen discovered that a healthy scan shows full, even, symmetrical activity. Drug and alcohol abuse tended to cause overall decreased activity in the brain. These brains looked more aged, more shriveled, and more toxic than the brains of people who did not use drugs.

Heroin and heroin-like drugs, called opiates, caused severe decreased activity, as did much alcohol. Methamphetamines and cocaine tended to cause what looked like multiple holes or mini-strokes in the brain. Marijuana caused decreased activity in the frontal and temporal lobe areas (areas involved with memory and motivation).

One of the most powerful lessons learned from imaging is that many people who abuse substances are really trying to change their own brain chemistry (self medication).

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Self Help Addiction Programs Are Widely used

December 6th, 2008 · No Comments

Based on a recent nationwide survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), a report reveals that 5 million people participate in self-help groups each year. (That is a lot of people who need help!)

Among the report’s notable findings:

• An annual average of 5 million persons aged 12 or older attended a self-help group in the past year because of their use of alcohol or illicit drugs

• 45.3 percent attended a group because of their alcohol use only and 21.8 percent attended a group because of their illicit drug use only, while 33.0 percent attended a group because of their use of both alcohol and illicit drugs

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Drugs, Alcohol and ADD

July 15th, 2007 · No Comments

Drug and alcohol abuse are very common among teenagers and adults with untreated ADD Attention Deficit Disorder. One study by psychiatrist Joseph Biederman and his colleagues at Harvard University indicated that 52 percent of untreated ADD adults abuse drugs or alcohol.

The drugs that they choose to abuse are alcohol and marijuana to settle the internal restlessness they feel, and cocaine and methaphetamines to feel more energetic and focused. Nicotine use (cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco) is much more common in people with ADD, as is the intake of large amounts of caffeine. Nicotine and caffeine are mild stimulants.

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Alcohol Intoxication Levels

July 4th, 2007 · No Comments

Keep in mind that the alcohol content of different types of beer, wine, and distilled spirits can vary quite substantially. Also, keep in mind that people react differently to alcohol depending on age, body weight and past use of alcohol.

Today is July 4th, Independence Day, a major holiday in the United States and a day of parties and celebration. Make sure you don’t drive soon after drinking!

The blood alcohol considered by most states as “Driving While Intoxicated” or “Driving Under The Influence” (DUI), is usually between .08 and 1.0 (80 – 100 mg/100ml).

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