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The Dry Drunk Syndrome and Hypoglycemia

May 21st, 2007 · No Comments

Dry-drunk is a term used, often disparagingly, by members of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and by substance abuse counselors to describe the recovering alcoholic who is no longer drinking but who still demonstrates the same alcoholic behaviors and attitudes.

Studies have shown that up to 90% of alcoholics are hypoglycemic (low blood sugar). According to Joan Mathews Larson, author of Seven Weeks To Sobriety, the dry-drunk symptoms are similar to people with hypoglycemia.  They include:

-desire to drink

Typically, these symptoms especially occur in newly abstinent alcoholics who try to overcome their emotional and physical discomfort by consuming large amounts of sugar in coffee and junk food. The relief provided by these quick fixes is short-lived and a surge of insulin quickly pushes glucose levels back below normal and the symptoms and the need for sugar fix begin all over again. They obviously have a sugar addiction.

Maintaining constant and adequate glucose levels is one of the most important biochemical needs of the body.  Continued blood sugar fluctuations below the amounts needed by the brain for stable functioning are what causes the “dry drunk”.

By following a healthy diet and taking important nutritional supplements these symptoms will disappear.

Further information on Joan Mathews Larson and her unique program can be found at  She was a pioneer in the biochemical repair and restoration of the brain and body.  The orthomolecular model for addiction treatment is based on pure science and claims over 70% success rate. 


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